Tuesday Night Live: Kick-Off Meeting

God is truly moving at IUPUI. We had about 350 students in attendance at our Tuesday Night Live weekly meeting. It was so encouraging as we gave away a $500 cash prize to those who entered a drawing. Our series is entitled "Follow Me" as it is based off the key slogan for the social phenomenon Twitter. The idea is that we all naturally love following others and we want others to follow us when in reality there is a longing within to follow someone greater; Jesus Christ. Please pray that God would soften hearts for the next few weeks. There have been 5 students who have already professed Christ. Please pray that they continue to be rooted and built up in Christ (Col. 2:7). 

Discipleship Matters: Pray for the women that the Lord has entrusted me to (Listed below).

"God is not in the business of solving our problems. He's in the business of developing people." -Dr. Howard Hendricks

Meet: Malina

Malina is a junior at IUPUI and just recently joined my discipleship group this fall. I have had an opportunity to see Malina grow in the faith and now I get to watch her grow as she follows me as I follow Christ. Malina is a joy and is growing in having a deeper relationship with Christ. Pray that she would have a Mary heart in a Martha world. 

Meet: Shari

Shari is a junior this year and an accounting major in the Kelley School of Business. Shari in on the IUPUI volleyball team. She has a heart to make disciples on her team. Please pray that the Lord would give her boldness.

Meet: Natasha

Natasha is a nursing major at IUPUI and is excited that the Lord is using her on the campus. She is also a member of Phi Mu Sorority and is praying that the Lord would use her to share with her sisters. Please be praying that revival would break lose as there are 40 new members in Phi Mu this year. 

Meet: Lauran

Lauran is also a nursing major at IUPUI and is on the volleyball team. She is praying that God would lay on her heart the responsibility of the Great Commission. With his power and presence Lauran is confident that the Lord can multiply her life. Please pray that her burden for her lost teammates would grow and compel her to share the Gospel bodly. 

Meet: Staci

Staci is an education major and a Sophomore at IUPUI. She has a rare love for God's word and longs to search it deeper. We have been studying the book of Luke and Staci has been really enjoying the life of Jesus Christ. Please pray that Staci would continue to search the riches of Gods word. It is by his grace that she longs for the pure spiritual milk. 

Meet: Rachel A

Rachel is a sophomore at IUPUI this year pursuing nursing. She just submitted her application to apply for nursing. Please pray that she would get in. Rachel has an effective ministry and God is truly using her to impact the nations. She has a special gift to minister to students from overseas. Recently, Rachel has been sharing with a girl from India named Bhavia who has a hugh interest in Jesus Christ. Pray for Bhavia's salvation. 

Meet: Rachel L

Rachel is a sophomore from my hometown, South Bend, In. She is pursuing education and wants all those around her to hear the GOOD NEWS of Jesus Christ. Rachel shares her faith where ever she goes and has been a huge encouragement to all of us that God is moving at IUPUI. Please help her to single-mindedly and wholeheartedly follow Christ this semester. 

Meet: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a sophomore at IUPUI and really enjoys God's word. She has a servants heart and is always thinking to serve those who are lost. Elizabeth is really growing in character and is enduring in her walk with God. Please pray for Eliz, that God would use her mightily on IUPUI's campus. 

Meet: Paige

Paige is a sophomore who is excited to see what God can do at IUPUI. She enjoys sitting at the feet of Jesus as he teaches her so many things about our father. Paige often rejoices in the fact that God has saved her from her sin and bridges that gap between her and a loving father. She has a desire to share what God has done in hopes that lost girls may one day rejoice in the Lord. 

Meet: Hannah

Hannah is a sophomore at IUK (Indiana University of Kokomo). She went to IUPUI last year and had to transfer due to personal issues back at home. Hannah has continued to pursue God and has allowed him to use her life to make Lordship decisions. She recently led a girl to Christ and is helping her grow in the faith. Please pray that God would continue to use Hannah at her campus. 

I am so thankful the Lord has entrusted me to lead and disciple these 10 women this year. It has been a joy to watch over them as the Lord has given me grace to do so. They are beginning to share Christ with others and this has been something I have been praying for. "My job is to bring people to Jesus. My job is also to bring people to other people who can bring them to Jesus." This quote from Mike Gaffney has been my plea for this year. 

Help me to "...talk to God about men before we talk to me about God." - Dr. Bill Bright. I want these women to be a product of me praying and crying out to the Lord to grow them. Not me trying to micro-manage their lives. We serve an awesome God who wants to see his people grow and mature in the faith. I am thankful he is using me to do so in the lives of these women.

Support-Raising Update

Raising support right now has definitely been a challenging job. Yet, daily I am so blessed by those who are giving sacrificially in order to serve with and through me at IUPUI! 

As of the past few weeks the Lord has raised about 40% of my goal of $1,000 of more monthly support. I am still in need of roughly $625 monthly and am still raising support full-time. It is so exciting to see how much has been raised in a short period of time, and yet there are definitely days when it is discouraging to see how quickly the end of the month has come and how much more there is to raise to meet my budget, and particularly finding partners who will commit to give monthly. 

I have to daily remind myself that God is in control and He has the timing, the provision and the details all worked out. That certainly takes a load off when I remember to think that way! 

Thank you for your giving!

I am thankful to have partners who want to come together to see the world won for Jesus Christ. It is encouraging! 

To God be the glory!!!


Pray for Samantha

Please keep Samantha in your prayers. She will be leaving for South African in November when the Lord raises up her full-support. She is roughly at about 50%. Let's pray that God can provide the rest of her support by the end of October. With God ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE! I am thankful that a little part of me gets to go to South Africa because the Lord gave me the opportunity to disciple Samantha as a student. To Him be the glory!

Pray for Brittany

 I have been so encouraged by Brittany's life. She is a nurse at IU hospital and is using her work place as a place to share Christ and disciple women. God is truly using her life. Please pray that the Lord would give her endurance in making Christ known at work! This is why discipleship is so encouraging. I will never be a nurse but, there are nurses who will get to know Christ because God used me in Brittany's life. I pray this legacy continues!

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